“Typography is two-dimensional architecture, based on experience and imagination, and guided by rules and readability.”

—Hermann Zapf, designer

Book layout

Proper layout ensures your book looks great no matter how your reader consumes it: in print, or on an e-reader, phone, tablet or desktop app. By balancing typesetting, margins, pagination, and formatting headers and footers to industry standards, I can convert any manuscript into PDF, ePub and/or MOBI file ready for upload to Kindle Direct, IngramSpark or other distribution platform.

Sample pages from Beyond Human: Tales of the New Us from Lower Decks Press, 2023.

Magazine layout

Are your layout needs dynamic? I also have experience creating magazine-style layouts that use images, color and typography to accentuate the subject matter.

Sample pages from Signals digital Magazine, Lower Decks Press.

Sample editorial content from Signals.

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