Making an impression

As a reader’s first impression of your book, its cover should do three things: be eye-catching, describe the work inside and convey something of its tone. This way, once the reader’s interest is piqued, they have an idea about the story and how it will make them feel. Is your book exciting? Scary? Romantic? Funny? A good cover design will inspire the right emotions at a glance.

My process

When designing a book cover, I work with the author to establish a look and feel that fits their vision. Then, I assemble images to build that look using photo-collage and other techniques.


The choice of font and color for a cover’s title is of key importance: the words should both grab attention and fire the imagination.

All the trimmings

Finally, the author’s name, rear cover blurb, spine text, barcode and indicia complete the design.

A few notes:

  • All designs for print are created with proper dimensions and bleed taken into account.
  • If you’ve purchased the rights to use custom fonts or original artwork, I will gladly incorporate them.
  • My personal policy is to never use AI-generated artwork.

Pick your genre

I’m inspired by all kinds of titles and themes. Here are some examples I created around a single image or idea.

Are you interested in commissioning a cover design? Contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss your ideas:

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