DokuWiki for Worldbuilding.

Among the many tools I reach for while writing, one of the most useful is the wiki. Every writer has their preferred method of taking notes, and I’ve found that—for massive projects built upon grandiloquent worldbuilding (my bread n’ butter)—a wiki is an ideal way to organize and cross-reference material.

Recently, I’ve been learning the ins and outs of technical writing, and have been seeking portfolio projects. DokuWiki is a piece of software I’ve been using for several years, so it seemed a natural choice to translate my experience into a detailed guide, written with the beginner in mind, detailing how to set up and use the software to document the kind of background detail generated by worldbuilding creatives such as writers and game designers.

Writing this guide was an informative experience, and if at least one other person finds the result helpful, I’ll consider it a success.