A big day.

Now hitting shelves!

Into the Unknown, the new anthology of science fiction short stories from Lower Decks Press, is out and ready to find its way onto your shelf and into your heart!

As one of the books editors and contributors, I might be a little biased. But I’m very proud of the end product, and learned a lot during the process of writing, editing, layout and marketing this book.

Already, it has received great reviews, and initial sales are encouraging. We hope the sales continue as LDP moves on to new things (stay tuned!), but it’s great to pause and reflect on what’s been achieved by all involved.

One of the many things I’ve learned is just how competitive the publishing industry is. Modern technology, including print-on-demand, book-focused social networks, NaNoWriMo, Discord, etc., have done a lot to level the playing field for self-publishing writers, but it’s also multiplied the competition a hundredfold. For that reason, we made it part of Lower Deck Press‘s mission to provide opportunities for previously unpublished writers, and we hope to continue doing so.

Now, pardon me while I smile quietly to myself.